Types of Windows & Styles

Whether it’s a new build or you’re looking at replacing your windows in your existing property, choosing the style and type of window can be a step fraught with difficult decisions. Your choice of window will not only have a huge impact on the design theme of the home but it will also have an affect on the comfort felt within the home along with its energy efficiency. It could even have a positive impact on the long term value of the property. So what are the major window types and styles available on the market today?

  • Casement

These types of windows are probably the most popular style of window in Ireland today. They consist of a frame with at least one window and they are attached via a hinge. Most casements open outwards similar to a door type operation. Casements are contemporary, simple to use and versatile for different property needs. Senator has a wide selection of colours in the casement window range with options also on handle finishes. We especially refer you to the casement window gallery section to see some wonderful examples of the versatility of the casement window style.

  • Tilt & Turn

As the name suggests, tilt and turn windows operate with the option of tilting them open inwards vertically without compromising on security. The turning feature allows for the opening of the window fully inwards like a door. This is done by turning the handle 90 degrees to do the tilt and turning the handle a further 90 degrees to get the “turn”. These windows are excellent when regular ventilation is sought but when one doesn’t want to compromise in security of a fully open window. At Senator, our tilt and turn range comes in both uPVC and aluminium and can be made to chosen size and colour requirements. Also check out our gallery where you’ll see real-life examples of this wonderfully versatile style of window.

  • Sliding Sash

These windows are a truly beautiful choice of window style and are perfect for period and period-style homes. They offer a unique look and the vertical sliding sash properties allow for ventilation into and out of the property without the need for space inside or outside the property (in comparison to other window styles). At Senator, we offer a stunning selection of bespoke choices with our vertical sliding sash window product – view some of our customer’s choices in our gallery. In older properties, a replacement window like this will not only maintain the timeless aesthetic of the structure but also it will inject a likely much needed degree of comfort and energy efficiency in terms of heat storage and heat loss.

  • French

French windows are a very similar window to casement windows with hinges on either side of the window. They open like a door and allow for the maximum amount of ventilation into a property and once closed offer similar security as casement windows would provide. They look wonderful and are perfect for framing a view of the surrounding landscape. Why not have a look at our gallery of images on our French windows page to really get a look at how these can impact on the aesthetics of a property.

  • Fixed

Fixed windows are used for those areas of the home that could benefit from extra natural light. It wouldn’t be possible to open these windows as they’re “fixed” by their nature but they’re ideal for those far to reach areas that you’d like brightened up.
To view all of the Senator window products in greater detail, check out this page with all the information.

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8 Tips for Choosing Your Windows

So now you know the window types that are available, below are some points to consider in order to further help the decision process.

  1. Reflect Your Home’s Overall Style

There is no point in choosing a traditional style of window such as vertical sliding sash windows if your property is a modern theme. While of course, originality is always a welcome addition to people’s homes, there should be some degree of cohesiveness also. If your home is a new build, you’re likely to have this in mind already. If you’re in the market for replacement windows, you might need some time for extra thought on how your new replacement windows can also update your home’s look or theme.

2. Isolate the Purpose of the Windows

Windows can bring light to parts of the home that currently appear dark. A fixed window is a perfect example of a window solution in an awkward area i.e. a hard to reach spot. If you want lots of ventilation and increased access, perhaps floor to ceiling windows (or Bi-Fold Doors) might be a good option. Another thing to consider is the view from particular points in your home and what you wish to showcase. Larger windows framing a view might be a wonderful addition to your home so it’s important to carefully consider the placing and purpose of each window throughout the home.

3. Have a Colour Theme in Mind

Traditionally, many people would have chosen white window frames mainly because the choice likely wasn’t there from suppliers. This has changed and now you have a wide choice of not only coloured window frames but you’ll also have the freedom to choose the hardware colours such as the handles. This can create a really unique look and provides a great choice for homeowners. At Senator, we offer a wide selection of frame colours for all our window products; for example for casement windows, you can choose window frames in colours of everything from various shades of grey right through to blue and many other options.

4. Know What Ventilation Your Require

French windows provide excellent ventilation. Tilt and turn offer ventilation solutions in tighter spaces and casement windows provide good ventilation too where the window can be opened outwards. Fixed windows don’t offer any ventilation so you need to be mindful of areas of the property that are “well lived in” to allow for good ventilation. For example, with the rise in home office working, one would need to be mindful of the need for good ventilation in that room as the person would be spending a lot of time in there.

5.Know the Orientation of the Sun Around the Property

Depending on the orientation of the site, the sun can create too much late day brightness in your living room when watching television or unwelcomed morning sun in your bedroom for example. If it’s a new build, work with your architect to ensure the correct windows are chosen for the various aspects of the property. If they are replacement windows, our network of Senator representatives can assist with advice like this.

 6.Allow Your Windows to be a Focal Point

Don’t look at your windows as just another home utility, instead consider the windows as a possible focal point of the property. This is especially true if you have a unique architectural style where the windows can further amp this up. Additionally, consider the inclusion of certain windows at certain points in the property to showcase for example, a unique view of the surrounding countryside.

7. Look at Energy Efficiency

Experts say that up to 25% of heat is lost through a property’s windows. That’s why the energy and efficiency values of the windows of a particular window supplier should be assessed before selection. At Senator, our windows (manufactured in Wexford), place a huge focus on energy efficiency. Replacement windows with a high degree of energy efficiency will definitely have an impact on the property’s household energy bills. You can read more here about Senator’s energy focused windows.





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