5 Tips for Choosing New Windows

Aluminium Tilt and Turn Windows
Whether you’re choosing windows for your new build or simply replacing existing windows in your home, it can present a number of decisions that perhaps you hadn’t considered previously. Below we document five bits of advice to help you on your journey to choosing new or replacement windows.

  • Look at Other Properties

In your own locality, there might be properties that you have already admired in terms of their window and door style. This will give you inspiration and you can chat to a about anything that has caught your eye. Take notes and photos (with permission if needed) and then you can easily show the window supplier. If you know the neighbours, chat to them as they might have insights on what they would choose differently if installing windows again themselves. Their “mistakes” can be the key points for your project, for example they may regret not installing bi-fold doors at the rear of their home to take advantage of evening sunlight.

  • Look Online for Inspiration

Accounts like Pinterest and Instagram have opened up a world of interiors inspiration especially for those in the midst of new builds and renovation works. On Pinterest,you can create a dedicated board for your interest in window types and styles. The algorithm within Pinterest will then automatically suggest new “pins” for your board based on your previous selections so you will widen your inspiration the more you interact with the app. Instagram allows you to follow hashtags (eg #windows #newwindows) and to follow window or house-build related accounts for any inspiration you need. Senator has an Instagram page where you’ll see lots of window inspo’ posted regularly!

  • Choose the Window Material 

Once you’ve isolated a window style and you’re further along on your window journey, you’ll come to the decision stages of the window material. With modern materials technology, there are many window material choices available e.g. uPVC window frames, aluminium and others. Wherever you are in Ireland there’s an experienced, independent Senator Dealer

PVC Casement Window

  • Choose the Window Glazing

So now we’re onto choosing the glass specification. This is an important decision and one that could further impact on your budget so it needs to be carefully considered. The aspect of your home needs to be understood when choosing a glazing (glass) solution– do you need triple glazing throughout or a combination of triple and double? This depends on the aspect and setting of your property. We have an insightful post here that covers the topic of triple versus double glazing from our design expert Denise O’Connor that should guide you in the right direction for this important decision.

  • Choose the Window Style

Window style is another important factor to keep in mind when choosing windows. It really depends on your needs and the particular setting of your home. You can also choose a combination of window styles so for example, most rooms could be casement windows and for those rooms that have a view, you could use French windows. The window style is hugely important to the finished look of the property so it’s a decision that should be considered carefully and also considered in conjunction with the advice of your window supplier.

The main advice for selecting windows is to speak to the experts and at Senator, we can assist if you’re unsure on any aspect of your window buying journey. View our full range of windows here or contact us for a chat to discuss your options!

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