Product Materials


Senator manufactures uPVC and Aluminium window and door ranges. While both materials are durable, energy efficient and elegant, there are certain differences that are worth taking into account before you settle on your choice of windows and doors. In most applications, it’s just a matter of personal choice and taste but in some situations one material is more appropriate than the other. If you’re unsure which is right for you, don’t hesitate to talk to your Senator Dealer.

Why Choose uPVC?

uPVC – or ‘unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride’ – has a number of advantages as a material for making durable, efficient and elegant windows. Senator uPVC windows are inexpensive to install and, once they’re in place, their superior energy efficiency continues to save the householder money far into the future. And this thermal efficiency is enhanced by the presence of multiple chambers within the frame, allowing them to trap air and create a thermal barrier.

With woodgrain effects and a large range of colours, uPVC windows can be as aesthetically pleasing as their timber counterparts. Maintenance of the frames is simple, just wipe them over with warm soapy water. And Senator uPVC Windows aren’t just good for your home, they’re also less damaging to the environment than many alternatives and can be recycled.

Why choose aluminium?

Aluminium’s light weight and high strength make it useful in a wide variety of situations, from cars to washing machines, from ladders to patio doors. The fact that it’s durable, long-lasting and low maintenance, makes it ideal for new or replacement windows or doors.

In particular, Aluminium is ideal for bigger windows and doors because its superior strength and rigidity make it possible to have larger areas of uninterrupted glass, such as Lift & Slide Doors. Whether large or small, Senator aluminium windows and doors are designed for optimum style and performance. Each frame incorporates a ‘thermal break’ which reduces heat loss, raises the internal temperature and helps to reduce the incidence of condensation. The only maintenance required for the 100% recycled aluminium frames is a routine wipe with a damp cloth – no polishing, oiling, painting or varnishing.


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