How to Add Kerb Appeal to Your Home

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What is “kerb appeal”? This is the term referring to the attractiveness of a property from the street. This kerb appeal concept is something that crops up especially if people are planning to put their property up for sale. The attractiveness of the property can be improved by taking some measures, some are more straightforward than others to implement.

Driveways, Paths & Gates

    • Driveway

Tasks like weeding the driveway or power washing concrete paving slabs can make a huge difference to the exterior of a property. Not only will it make it look more attractive to passersby but by cutting back overgrown shrubs, bushes and weeds, it can actually make a property and its site look bigger and more expansive.

    • Paths

Taking time to remove weeds along the edge of the paths surrounding the property will definitely help the kerb appeal. Overgrown hedges or shrubs can also prevent a clear walkway again making a property appear smaller when not cleared away; clearing paths just gives a better sense of tidiness.

    • Gates

Check that gates are fully functioning because if not in regular use, they can become creaky or immovable. Depending on where the property is located, having gated access can be a distinct advantage especially in built up areas where parking is a premium and security may be a concern. If they require it, give them a refresh with some paint or clean them thoroughly if still in good condition. Fences also should be attended to and if needed, refresh them with a coat of paint and take care of any breaks.

Doors & Windows

    • Doors

The front door of a property is the main first impression that we get. Front doors give excellent character to a home but also provide security and a barrier to the wind and rain that we so often experience here in Ireland. There are many different types of front door on the market, in different materials depending on your requirements and budget. Improving the kerb appeal of your front door might not necessarily require a new door and if it’s a high-quality front door like we at Senator manufacture, it’s likely that it only needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

    • Windows

Windows are a part of a property that sometimes can be overlooked but they can really stand out for the wrong reasons from the outside if they don’t look their best! Washing them is the first step and so check out our post on how to get your windows gleaming again here. If the windows are of poor quality, it could be time for replacement. Poor quality windows can spell disaster too for your BER score; many prospective buyers carefully examine a property’s BER score before they make an offer so it’s an important thing to consider. Furthermore, drafty windows can hike up your household bills so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

PVC Casement Windows

Lighting, Greenery & Declutter


    • Garden

A well-maintained garden gives an excellent first impression. While a fully landscaped garden might not be possible for everyone, attention to overgrown hedges will not only tidy the appearance but it might also help to bring more light into the property. A well maintained exterior in turn gives an impression of a well maintained interior so encourages people to consider viewing a property if it’s listed for sale. If your front garden doesn’t have much space, a couple of plants either side of the front door or hanging baskets would make a fantastic addition. Even regular trimming of a lawn will boost the kerb appeal!

    • Declutter

Try to take a fresh look at your property from the eyes of a potential buyer and see if there are any aspects to the exterior that might appear as clutter. Wheelie bins, for example can really hamper the look of the front of a property but sometimes due to the nature of the property e.g. a mid terraced house, it can’t be helped. In that instance and budget allowing, you could buy some pre-made short fencing to “hide” the bins – this would allow them to still be accessible to the front of the property. These types of fences would be available in most large DIY stores or you could ask a handyman to make a bespoke one. Long term, a small hedge would help too but of course that’s not a quick fix.

    • Lighting

Having good lighting to the front of a home will not only have practical and functional benefits, but also it can create interest and make the property more appealing. Lighting around a front door looks inviting or consider adding LED lighting to highlight a pathway or driveway. If the front of the property has an interesting feature such as a large tree or a flowerbed, you could add some focused spotlights to really showcase those areas.

Adding kerb appeal to your home might take some effort or expense but it will pay off in the long run, especially if you have your property up for sale. Senator can help with advice on any new doors . or windows so get in touch today for more information or use the handy front door visualiser here to see what a new door can do for your home!

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