August 2023

The summer months are the ideal time to revamp and enhance our outdoor spaces. While sunny summer days were few and far between in Ireland this summer, now is a good time to plan ahead for 2024. And one of the best ways to elevate an outdoor experience is by ensuring seamless integration with the interiors. Windows and doors play a crucial role in achieving this, acting as the bridge between inside and outside. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect outdoor living experience to help you make the right choices for your home.

Enhancing Your Outdoor Living Area with Paving, Lighting, Planting, and Panoramic Window Views

A well-designed outdoor space combines different elements to create a cohesive space that feels like an extension of your home. Floor-to-ceiling windows or patio doors with uninterrupted views let you take in the beauty of the outdoors no matter where you are in the home. By carefully planning your outdoor space, you can make it feel like an oasis where you can enjoy the best of summer.

Paving Options for a Stylish and Durable Patio Complemented by Windows

The starting point for any great patio is its paving. Whether you choose brick or natural stone, each option has its own unique look and practical benefits. Matching the style of the paving to the internal floor finish can enhance the feeling of space. Your choice of windows will also have a part to play in ensuring the connection between inside and out feels as seamless as possible. Consider all of the external elements together to create a beautiful and functional environment that feels like a natural extension of your home. By creating this kind of harmony between indoor and outdoor spaces, you can create a beautiful and cohesive space.

Illuminating Your Patio with Lighting Solutions and Reflective Window Designs

Lighting and window design go hand-in-hand when creating a beautiful and inviting patio. Reflective windows can enhance the effects of lighting, adding a magical and ethereal feel to the space. The right lighting solutions, from string lights to lanterns, can make a patio feel warm and welcoming while creating a stunning visual effect. You can transform your patio into an enchanting and inviting space by bringing together the right window designs and lighting.

A Lush Outdoor Space is Best Appreciated Through Clear Windows

Large expanses of glass, achieved with floor-to-ceiling sliding, folding or French Doors, can make it feel like the outdoors and indoors merge into a single, unified space. The garden becomes an extension of the interior, blurring the boundaries and giving a sense of endless space. The large windows bring the garden’s natural beauty inside.

Energy-Efficient Bi-fold and Sliding Door Options for a Cooler Summer

In the sweltering heat of summer, large opening doors become essential, particularly in Southern aspects. Whether using Aluminium or uPVC materials, speciality glazing may be required to avoid overheating and glare. This is particularly important with modern high-performance construction and insulation, while continuing to allow a bounty of natural light to permeate interiors. Combined with security features, these doors ensure a cooler, brighter, and safer summer.

The Role of Professional Installation in Achieving the Perfect Patio Solution

To achieve the perfect patio solution, it’s essential to consider the quality of the windows and doors and the installer’s expertise. Professional installation ensures that the products are installed correctly and to the highest standards, maximizing their energy efficiency, security, and longevity performance. It’s the key to creating a beautiful and functional patio that will provide years of enjoyment.


Denise O’Connor

Managing Director Optimise Design, B.Arch. RIAI RIBA
& Senator’s Expert Design Consultant
This blog post is sponsored, but the views expressed by the author are her own.

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