5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

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Windows form a pivotal part of our homes. Not only are they functional by providing security and efficiency, they play a major role also in the aesthetic and look of the home both from the exterior and interior. Also, not to forget we literally look out our windows to see the world outside probably every single day! Although they’re vital to our property’s existence, the windows can be overlooked at times in terms of understanding when they need to be replaced. Below we establish the warning signs that might crop up that might indicate that replacement windows need to be moved to the top of the home improvement agenda.

  1. The Frame is Showing Signs of Deterioration

Poorly manufactured window frames will decay over time and this should be clear even upon the most basic of inspections. If you have timber windows, look closely at your frames and window cills for signs of rot, decay and moisture. Quite often when the rot and decay has manifested itself to the surface, it’s highly likely they need to be replaced. Some windows are of course, at a more exposed section of a property and might be more prone to the elements of the weather. When looking for signs that PVC windows need to be replaced, performance should be looked at e.g. heating bills increasing, deteriorating appearance (i.e. perished rubbers around the rim etc.) and damage to the glass units. If budget is an issue, you could do the window replacement project on a phased basis, beginning with those requiring immediate attention. Discuss it with your window supplier; our network of Independent Senator Dealers all over the country will be happy to discuss your concerns and their expertise will cover issues like frame decay.

2. Closing the Window is Becoming Difficult

If you’re continuously finding it difficult to open and close some or all of your windows, it could definitely be a warning sign. Not being able to open and close your windows with ease is not only annoying but of course can have repercussions in terms of security but also ventilation and insulation of the home. Older, wooden windows also might have a tendency to warp thus creating problems opening and closing

3.  Heating Bills Are Higher Than Usual

In the average home, as much as 25% of the heat generated disappears through the windows. If your home has low quality windows in the form of single or poorly performing double glazing, then you’re going to notice higher and higher heating bills. Installing more efficient, high-quality double glazed windows or triple glazed windows (budget allowing) could help to lower your heating bills anything from 10%-25% in the long term. There are a number of grants available on the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) which you might qualify for as part of this upgrade.

4. Condensation is Appearing Regularly

In certain settings, condensation can appear and it could simply be down to a lack of ventilation but if you notice consistent frosting between the layers of glass, it probably signals that the window seals have failed; moisture is created between the glass panes which manifests itself as condensation. If one of the windows has cracked, this can also break the seal so it could be an isolated incident. In terms of exposure to condensation, if it is allowed to build up and mould begins to form, those who already suffer from health issues may suffer further problems so it’s definitely something to keep an eye on with your windows throughout the home.

Outside View from a window

5. Outside Noise is an Issue

If noise pollution is becoming more of a problem in your home, the reason could be down to poor window quality. Older homes might have single pane windows which are not great for sound insulation. Perhaps this has always been an issue that always existed but if your situation changes e.g. there’s a new baby in the family or you’re now working from home, it of course becomes a more heightened concern. Double and/or triple glazed windows are a replacement option to consider. We have a post covering double versus triple glazing here from Senator’s Design Expert, Denise O’Connor which is a worthwhile read as part of your consideration. However, it’s important to note that even triple glazed windows won’t eliminate outside noise but they will be a better solution than the likes of single glazed windows.

Hopefully, this advice will help if you are starting to think you need replacement windows. Remember that Senator Windows has years of experience in the manufacture of high-quality windows all over the country. Speak to us today to find out more!

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